Facial Lift Mask™
Facial Lift Mask™
Facial Lift Mask™
Facial Lift Mask™
Facial Lift Mask™

Facial Lift Mask™

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Why do we need Facial Lift Mask?

Actual facial lifts are expensive and painful, make-ups can only hide so much, creams cannot do miracles like decreasing your facial bone no matter what they say.

On the other hand, Facial LIFT Mask can certainly help lift the muscles and train the bone structure of your face.

Face LIFT Mask is a tool that can help pull your muscles and train them at the same time. It also preserves the suppleness of your skin when worn.

Why buy our Facial LIFT Mask?

Unlike other masks, our Facial LIFT Mask is actually effective and does not harm the skin. What more is that you can use it repeatedly unlike other disposable masks. Cost-efficient, effective, and suitable for sensitive skin.

It is effective when worn everyday for about 3 months. Yes, it may be a long process but this one is tested and proven and you don’t even have to spend a dime or undergo a knife. Truly remarkable.


  • Is it safe to use this product at night while sleeping?
  • It is highly recommended to use this between 20 to 40 minutes with exception when you already feel uncomfortable or there’s a pain. In that case, take the mask off immediately. It is important not to overuse the product for prolonged periods of time to not get undesirable results.

  • What is this product made of?
  • The Facial LIFT Mask is made of high quality, flexible but comfortable nylon that can withstand pressure and not loosen as easily.

  • How does it work?
  • This is a face slimming mask that lifts up the skin and massages the muscles from the chin up and reduces double chin by training the face muscle to take on a perfect oval or V-shape. Its lifting property also firms and tightens the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and make the skin as supple as a child’s again.

  • Who can use this product?
  • This actually works for any age group starting from teens up and also works for men too provided that their face is free from bushy beards. The effect varies though on how religiously one follows the right way of using it.

  • Is it machine washable?
  • It is recommended to hand wash this product and as much as possible in lukewarm water without bleach to prolong its elasticity.

  • Are there different sizes? What’s the best size for me?
  • Definitely! It’s also better to choose a size larger so your face won’t get shocked with the tightness and pressure for first use and eventually lower the size when you are already used to it.

    You don’t have to spend so much just to look pretty and slim. You can do it in a safe and affordable way.

    Try our Facial LIFT Mask and see the difference in your face shape in 3 months.


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